Saint Joseph's College PumaA Message From Bill Hogan:

Dear Puma Community,

Over the past eighteen months, we have accomplished many important goals toward reopening our campus in Rensselaer, including identifying and maintaining a sustainable campus facilities footprint, reaching a restructuring agreement with our lender, and establishing a collaboration in mission with another University. The next step in the rebirth of Saint Joseph’s College, involves investing in our campus to support a successful feasibility study. Our aspirational goal is to expand to Rensselaer as early as 2021-22 with a prominent identity that our alumni can embrace (logo, Puma mascot, sports teams, purple and cardinal colors, fight song, etc.).

It has been my pleasure to serve our beloved alma mater this past year.  As a part of reflecting on this holiday season, I am reminded of the perpetual support and selfless dedication of the C.PP.S. community for the past 127 years from the priests, sisters and brothers.  Upon my arrival in Pumaville back in 1970, there were over 40 priests on campus and several of them were definitely “characters.”  Fr. Banet was an exceptional President for over 25 years.  Please include Fr. Kostka in your prayers as he is 104 years old. I am certain you all have fond memories of the other priests such as Fr. Ambrose and Larry Heiman, Fr. Edward Maziarz, Fr. Paul White, Fr. Don Shea, Fr. Denny Kinderman,  Fr. Tim McFarland, Fr. Bill Stang, Fr. Jim Froelich, Fr. Dominic Gerlach, Fr. Bill Stout, Fr. Dan Schaefer, Fr. Ed Roof,  Fr. Raphael Gross, Fr. Ben Meiring, Fr. Bill Kramer, Fr. Boniface Dreiling, Fr. Rufus Esser, Fr. Phil Gilbert, Fr. “Black Mac” McCarthy, Fr. Edwin Kaiser, Fr. Paul Wellman, Fr. Alvin Druhman and many, many more. We can all agree that our Catholic education in Pumaville at SJC was extraordinary.

In the 1980s, Sister Donna Liette was very involved in student life and initiated the Kairos retreats. Sister Donna was always smiling and very supportive of the Pumas spiritual growth and was instrumental in motivating our students to participate in the liturgy.  She still serves the underserved as a member of the Reconciliation ministry for families struggling with incarceration and violence in the Chicago area.  The SJC students will always consider Sister Donna a valued member of the Precious Blood order.  I contacted Sister Donna recently and she said “Go Pumas!”

Brother Tim Hemm has played a vital role in the lives of fellow Pumas for the last 46 years.  Brother Tim was responsible for organizing many of the Kairos Retreat that positively influenced our students during their critical formative years.  His work in the St. Joe’s in many key areas continues to be an important factor in keeping our beautiful campus operating efficiently.  Brother Tim’s door is always open and he also noted recently, “Go Pumas!”

On October 7th, our Chapel was opened for Mass for the first time in a year and a half and it was a joyous celebration.  The Chapel was filled with alumni, friends and townspeople who graciously joined us and expressed their hope for the future of Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer.

After the heartbreak of the suspension in February 2017, we finally have a path forward to bring students and academic programs back to the Rensselaer campus. The success of that process will depend in large part on your support. Please come together as Pumas because many of you are needed to realize the goal we all share: that of one day reopening Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer.

Pumas, the time is NOW for those of you who may or may not have been aware of our past financial burdens.  With God’s help, together we can do this! We will be visiting with many of you to share this wonderful news and ask for your support for the next three years. We promise that we will use your donation for what you intend; if that is not possible, we will return it.  If you find the donation levels to be a bit steep, please feel free to cooperate with other Pumas as small groups to meet one of the 128 Core Partner levels (i.e. Merlini 1stFloor 2014, Kairos 1984, Columbian Players 2008, Women’s Tennis 2012, Justin West 2011, etc.). All of the donors will be acknowledged.

Please become one of The 128 Core Partners.  The number of alumni needed to make this effort successful is less than 1% of the total. The 128 Core Partners can provide SJC with its 128th year of “serving the underserved” and 100% of the new Board of Trustees have already committed over $100K/year for 3 years.

-- Bill Hogan ’74 Vice President for Advancement, Saint Joseph’s College












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